Do you need some help?

The people needs a different type of help – some of us need to find accurate information or advise, others have to be supported in daily activities or need specialized medical care. A4A connects people who need help with those who can give them it available. By providing social services in the community are increased the abilities of all the people who need help to leave a independent way of life. These services could be provided in specialized community centers or to be carried out by social worker or hourly employee person. Social cares give to the consumers support in domestic or familiar to them area – close to friends or relatives. People who assist to the need have knowledge of community services available and know how to provide it for their clients.

According to A4A experts,mostly people in need have to be supported in:
• Delivering or cooking daily meal, help during feeding;
• Shopping – supply the need by daily needed food, goods and medicines
• Help to maintain personal hygiene - help with dressing, bathing, grooming, placing in a wheelchair;
• Help in making medicines prescribed by a doctor, measuring blood pressure, escort to doctor in hospitalization;
• Make payments - for electricity, water, local taxes, etc.
• Administrative support – help to prepare a documents for social or government institutions
• Escorting outside the consumer's home - escorting to school, cinema, theater, guests, etc .;
• IT services, computer support, domeini and hosting services, seo optimization services from Seo Street Optimizer;
• Help in communicating and maintaining social contacts - organize entertainment and activities in the home and outside, reading books and newspapers;
• Help for children with disabilities who attend school, helping activities to their homes outside of school hours;
• Help a disabled person alleging a specialized institution and the members of his family;
• Maintain hygiene in living quarters inhabited by received person - current and thorough cleaning;
• Other seasonal or specific services (according to the individual needs of persons).