Online supports

In the dynamic contemporary life is unthinkable to be successful without be presented in Internet. The global network has covered every aspect of our lives, abounding in information about everything that surrounds us and we are interested in. Nowadays most of the people prefer to search for information online because it’s easier, fastest and complex than most traditional ways of finding the correct answers or advices. And finally – online is the best way to share information with possibility to be saved, browsed in future time and reused when we collaborate an appropriate hosting company. That’s why in the last few years that's not be just a modern trend but it imperceptible became a habit we acquire in inseparably connected with technology lifestyle we lead.
Therefore the presence of website with all the needed information we would like to introduce is of significant importance. The website is powerful marketing channel that is the wisest investment and give the opportunity to reduce costs. At the same time the website provide non-stop working virtual office where is possible to be published unlimited quantity of useful information about wide range of services. That gives an extra flexibility for the consumers and improves the confidence in Advise 4 All.

Because the website is the company’s virtual business card, most consumers thing that if the website looks bad, and its contents is also poor. And it’s easy just by one or two clicks to browse to the competitive site. To be generated web traffic website customers must consider your site, products and services, send inquiries or make an online order. The web design is taking main part in achieving that goal – raising the interest of users to browse more and more pages in the website by good branding and professionalism. There is two main components making a web design good or bad. The usability from one side is focused on functionality of web design – efficient presenting of information. From other side is the esthetic element where are included all the used graphic elements, original animations, impressive multimedia and so on. To be successful in targeting the attention of potential consumers, the good web design has to include these two basic components as a whole. Because no matter how useful is the content of the web site it will not be impressive enough if its look does not prompts customers to start reading. The reason is that most users in Internet are judge a book by its cover.

In the same time no matter how impressive is the branding and overall design of the website, it will not be enough if the content is bad. The good text lets the customers to trust in our brand. The good content ensure the user by giving him all the needed information for example to subscribe for our services.

We from A4A are taking attention of all these factors and therefore aim to keep our website up to date, trusting the proven experts in the field of web design and using the services of a suitable hosting company.
The customers’ confidence and security are necessary for each on-line website. No matter if the site is owned by person or company, it is very important to take care of protection to the users as such as we have to take care of our private home. To solving the most popular problems treated secure exchange of confidential information in Internet are created wide range of encryption protocols. The most popular of them is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and its modern version TLS (Transport Layer Security).

One of most common way to use these protocols is implementing in the web browsers by usage of HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. When the user browse an Internet page by HTTPS is ensured encrypted connection between web server (site) and the user’s browser. The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol for example protects the exchanging information of unauthorized interception. When there is an online platform or /and e-shop where all the users have to input their private information or make an online payments, it is highly recommended to encrypt the connection by SSL certify. Thus is very important to be secured not only the identity of server with the client is in communication, but also data encryption.